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Toolbox Talk Delivery Training

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Course Objective

Effective communication is essential for productivity and for the management of health and safety in the workplace. A toolbox talk is generally a short presentation to the workforce often on a single aspect of health and safety. This can be a productive means of delivering advice on matters of health, safety and the environment as well as engaging with staff to gain feedback thus helping to maintain and improve standards. Toolbox talks can be a means to refresh employer and employees knowledge to promote continuous learning and development and keep up to date with the relevant law and  health and safety legislation. 

The Toolbox talk delivery training course is suitable for any candidate responsible for delivering toolbox talks to team members, including contracts managers, site managers, site supervisors, foreman, business owners and directors.

Workers should be able to recognise asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and know what to do if they come across them in order to protect themselves and others.

Learning Outcomes

Entry Requirement


By the end of the course candidates will have sufficient knowledge to conduct toolbox talks effectively in order to inform, engage and motivate the workforce.

Delivered by health and safety experts this invaluable training course will enable you to fulfil your legal requirements in terms of promoting safe working practices in the workplace. This bespoke course can be adapted to meet specific business or individual needs to make the learning experience relevant and fit for purpose. Candidates will receive in-house certification certified by KH Plant Training upon successful completion of the course. 

If you have a specific requirement which you would like to be included please let us know as our tailor made courses can be adapted to reflect your own unique business perspective.

This course is not designed to prepare candidates to undertake work with asbestos-containing materials. Please contact for more information if this type of training is required.

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