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Why do you need an NVQ in construction?

A National Vocational Qualification is a form of work-based qualification that is greatly favoured in the construction industry. They evidence career progression and are the most widely recognised qualifications in the construction industry. NVQ’s require a practical skillset to allow you to be assessed onsite as you work. This approach allows an NVQ to be undertaken and completed whilst on the job, allowing you to continue to earn as you achieve and progress. An NVQ will demonstrate to employers that you are able to do the job safely and to a high standard.

KH Plant Training LTD delivers a vast array of NVQ qualifications in all occupational trades; from operative through to senior management levels (levels 2 to 7)

We as the assessors will assess your vocational skills using various methods. Upon completion, you will receive accredited certification for your chosen qualification.

If your unsure of which NVQ construction course would be best for you, contact us today to discuss your requirements to see how we can help you achieve and complete your NVQ.

Mental Health

We are aware of the need and importance of raising awareness in Mental Health both in and out of the workplace. KH Plant Training are now approved to deliver the NVQ Level 2 in Mental Health First Aid. Please contact us for further information and discuss how we can make your workplace more aware of potential contributing factors to mental health issues and strategies to maintain a positive pathway to mental health and encourage early reporting of symptoms.

Contact our team today and explore more into how we can support your development.