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Stay Ahead with Driver CPC Training at KH Plant Training LTD

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a vital standard established by the European Union, ensuring that professional drivers operating large goods vehicles stay competent, efficient, and committed to ongoing learning development. At KH Plant Training, we are approved to deliver Driver CPC training under the esteemed accreditation of Driver CPC 4 U.

Key Features of Our Driver CPC Training:

Important Changes:

Following a recent review by the EU Commission, drivers are no longer allowed to repeat modules within their required 35 training hours during a rolling five-year period.

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Take advantage of our comprehensive Driver CPC training, ensuring your team stays ahead of industry standards. Book all 35 hours of periodic training with us and enjoy exclusive discounts. Contact our office for further details and to schedule your training.


Stay on the road to competence, efficiency, and ongoing learning with Driver CPC training at KH Plant Training.

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