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What are the benefits of In House training?

The law requires employers to provide suitable training to all employees to ensure working activities can be carried out as safely as practicable. 

KH Plant Training LTD offer  a vast range of in-house accredited training to organisations which offers many benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiency, effectiveness and operational performance

  • Employees feel comfortable and more at ease within the environment they are familiar with

  • Managers are able to have more input which increases their knowledge, awareness and contribution to what training may be required in the near future to keep up to date with future developments of the organisation.

  • Increased confidence amongst employees

  • A proactive approach to skills development and competency management

  • Safer working by ensuring all employees are kept up to date with relevant training, skills and knowledge. This in turn reduces lost time due to accidents and stress caused by inadequate skill levels.

  • A more robust response and knowledge awareness should incidents occur

  • Lower turnover in employees due to them working for a business which promotes best practice

  • Less risk of employees inadvertently breaching regulations.

How we can help you?

We offer novice, refresher, Experienced worker test and Experienced worker Practical Assessments. KH Plant accredited certification is issued following successful completion of training.

KH Plant Training offer all plant categories covered under CPCS and NPORS as in-house accredited training. Please refer to the CPCS or NPORS links for the more information.

Please speak to one of our trusted employees to determine a delivery package that’s specific to you and/or your business.