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Health and Safety Awareness Training


The Health and Safety Awareness Training course is designed to give insight into health and safety in the workplace this bespoke course can be adapted to meet specific business or individual needs to make the learning experience relevant and fit for purpose.

Although employers are responsible for providing the necessary training and conditions for a safe workplace, employees also have a critical role to play. Safety works when people work together. This course provides the necessary training for them to do this.


Upon successful completion of the course candidates will have gained practical skills and knowledge about:

  • Understanding the principles of health and safety and accident prevention
  • Ability to contribute to any health and safety management system
  • Understand the importance of risk assessment as a technique for accident and ill health prevention
  • Understand the responsibilities placed on employers and employees
  • Understand the hazard, risk and main causes of harm to workers (manual handling, hazardous substances, exposure to noise and vibration)
  • Understand the importance of following systems, procedures and rules
  • Understand how individual action can reduce risks to health and safety


Delivered by health and safety experts, this invaluable training course is designed to be enjoyable whilst ensuring that candidates acquire the knowledge and skills required to gain an in-house certification by KH Plant Training LTD.

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