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Excavation Safety and Inspection Training


The Excavation Safety and Inspection Training course is an introductory course about the principles and details of excavations and their supporting structures. It is suitable for novice operators as well as a refresher for those with previous experience.


Upon successful completion of the course candidates will have gained practical skills and knowledge about:

  • Legislation regarding the provision and use of excavation supports
  • Excavation supporting components and why they are used
  • Battering back and stepping techniques, how to calculate and design for them
  • Why excavations fail, including potential warning signs
  • Types of structural defects
  • The completion and recording of excavation inspection reports
  • Foundations
  • Access and egress


Taught by experts with extensive experience in this field, our courses are designed to be enjoyable whilst ensuring that candidates acquire the knowledge and skills required in order to achieve an In-House certification by KH Plant Training LTD.

Investing in training shows your employees that they matter to you.  Designed specifically for anyone responsible for inspecting excavations and their supporting structures this course provides a thorough introduction into best practise

If you have a specific requirement which you would like to be included please let us know as our tailor made courses can be adapted to reflect your own unique business perspective.

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