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What is Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing is a simple 20 minute test which checks whether a person’s mask fits their face shape and size. To ensure the RPE (respiratory protective equipment) issued is providing the required protection.

One of the industries major dangers is to the human respiratory system through the inhalation of hazardous substances. Where hazards are identified in the workplace through risk assessment, the law requires employers to either eliminate, reduce or control the risk those hazards pose.

RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) would be issued to employees to protect against such hazards as;

  1. Dusts
  2. Fumes
  3. Vapours
  4. Mists
  5. Gases etc.

We provide Qualitative Face Fit testing covering all non powered RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment)

You will receive accredited In-house certification which lasts for 1 year.

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