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A09 Forward Tipping Dumper (Wheeled) & A31 Ride on Roller 5 day Novice Course

2021 Open Course Dates:
  • 5th – 9th July 
  • 2nd – 6th August
  • 13th – 17th September
  • 25th – 29th October
  • 15th – 19th November
  • 13th – 17th December
CPCS Entry requirements

Learners must have passed the Operatives Health, Safety & Environment test within the last 2 years, prior to course start date.       


Train selected personnel in the skills and knowledge needed to carry out the duties of a Forward Tipping Dumper operator and a Ride on Roller Operator.

Elements Covered
  • Legislative and regulative requirements of a plant operator.
  • Roles and responsibilities of a plant operator within the construction industry.
  • Preparation of plant equipment for work as per operator’s manuals and other information sources.
  • Travel and manoeuvre the equipment on level and undulated surfaces in a laden and unladen state / Travel and manoeuvre the equipment on level and undulated surfaces including substantial inclines and confined spaces.
  • Set the machine to receive, transfer and discharge materials.
  • Set the machine to compact loose material in a straight line and around radii against supported and unsupported edges.
  • Perform safe parking, shut down and isolation procedures for the machine.


CPCS Certification

Learners will receive a Red CPCS Training Operator card on successful completion of the technical tests, valid for two years.  After gaining on-site experience, you must complete a Level 2 NVQ within two years to apply for the Blue Competence Card which is renewable every 5 years.

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